Actor Dies: James Uche Prince has Passed On following Kidney Failure and Diabetes

Breaking News: This is so sad and heartbreaking that Another Actor Dies in 2017: Prince James Uche has Passed on following Kidney Failure and Diabetes.

On Wednesday 8th of March, the fund raising and "Save a life" campaign team for famous veteran Nollywood home video actor 'Prince James Uche' has finally confirmed that he passed on few hours today,  following serious complications from his diabetes and kidney failure.

Finding made from the team revealed that Uche had been experiencing strange blood infections, high fever, and blisters on his legs for about 3 days and suddenly died few hours after securing his Visa to India for more eyes treatment, diabetics care and kidney transplant.

Confirmed news has it that he passed on in the ambulance moving him to a hospital for his regular Dialysis. This happened at about 2 PM, Nigerian time.

However, he was scheduled to travel in 2-3 days time (either Friday or Saturday), March 10th or 11th according to his travel schedule.


The fund raising team has expressed their deep gratitude to Nigerians who contributed and helped the campaign.

They said that their thoughts are with his family in these difficult times. Nigerians morn this great lose in the Nollywood movie industry.

Veteran Nollywood Actor Prince James Uche has Passed On following Complications from Diabetes - See the Movies he Featured in the past years

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